Paper Marbling at the Ah Haa School for the Arts. Much gratitude to Ah Haa, The Wilkinson Public Library and everyone who participated. Special thanks to Kris Kwasniewski and Drew Ludwig.










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Float: Paper and Marbling at CCA, Santa Fe (6/28/15). Teaching traditional and experimental paper marbling techniques. Thank you to CCA and everyone that participated.


Demonstrating Suminagashi (Floating Ink). photo: Angie Rizzo


photo: Angie Rizzo

Hanging marbled papers to dry. These papers were marbled on a carrageenan size, using traditional European and Middle Eastern methods. photo: Angie Rizzo



(7.11.15) Fabric and Paper Marbling workshop at Artisan, Santa Fe. Many thanks to Artisan and all the participants for a positive experience. (Mako and Masako marbling on a carrageenan size with Golden high flow acrylic paints.)


Dear Friends,

Mending the World Through a Dream, is currently on view from April 30th – July 5th, in the Cinematheque gallery, at the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe.

I’d like to express gratitude to  Angie Rizzo and Erin Elder of CCA,  for their support and efforts in making this show possible. Thank you to the The Room Outside  and Dj Fatgums for sound contributions and the additional support from my friends at Artisan.

Special thank you to Stevie Greco and Carrie Secrist Gallery for their support over the years. Stevie, wishing you all the best in NY!



Annular Eclipse, 2015, acrylic and mixed media collage on panel, 48”x72”(photo : Jose Rivera)


Since Dec, 15th of 2012,  I have been living and working in Roswell, N.M. taking part in the Roswell Artist-In-Residence program. My time in residence has now come to a close and new adventures await me. Since April, 1st I have now relocated to Sante Fe, N.M. Earlier in 2014, I exhibited Causation at the Roswell Museum and Art Center. I also had the opportunity to share the body of work I created in Roswell with the Chicago art community.  Causation is currently on view at Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago, March. 22nd – April 26th. I’m appreciative of the ongoing support of Carrie Secrist Gallery.

Over the coming months I will be updating the site with new work and information about upcoming shows.  During my time in Santa Fe, I will continue to work on my craft, refine my vision, research, collaborate and explore new possibilities.  I will use this space to share my work and process as I continue to learn and grow.

Thank you for your interest, support and inspiration.

Best regards,


Student artwork from Second Saturday class, at the Roswell Museum and Art Center, taught by myself and Jessica Kirkpatrick. This particular workshop focused on the cyanotype process and mixed media collage.



At Three Rivers Petroglyph site with fellow artists Lucho Pozo, Jose Rivera and Ted Schooley.

Mescalero Sands with Jose Rivera, 2013.

Mescalero Sands with Jose Rivera, 2013.

Bitterlakes, 2013

Roswell, 2013